If you are creating dance costumes, choosing the right fabrics can be confusing as there are plenty of fabrics available on the market. You may choose one that seems right, but it could end up being one that won’t work for the movement and activity of dancing.

Spandex Warehouse is a wholesale supplier of different types of fabrics to help you with all of your fabric needs for all kinds of occasions. If you need help choosing the perfect fabric for dance costumes, then this article is for you. We will be sharing with you a list of different types of fabrics to use for dance costumes. If you want to know more information, make sure to keep reading below.

What are the different types of fabrics to use for dance costumes?

1. Tricot – This fabric type has a slight sheen that makes it a great choice for dance costumes. Some variants come with a matte finish. It is one of the most commonly used types of fabrics by suppliers for dance costumes.

It is available in a wide range of colors and has an elastic quality that makes it a popular choice for dance costume makers. This is a great type of fabric that lasts and does not have specialty finishes that are prone to become dull with time. It has a basic solid color that can be an all-around fabric, perfect for anything you have in mind.

2. Mesh – This fabric is lightweight, has a sheer and flowy quality that can be a great choice for dance costumes. It can be created into a mesh skirt or cutouts with an edgy look or anything depending on the type of design that you have in mind. Mesh fabric is one of the most flexible fabrics available in the market. It comes in different textures from soft micro mesh up to the oversized Big Hole and Pop Mesh. It is a great fabric to use for lightweight skirts, sheer inserts, and flowy tops.

What are the most common types of mesh?

  • Big Hole Mesh – A large, textured mesh fabric with 1/2 inch wide oversized holes in the weave of the fabric.
  • Fog Mesh – A micro mesh fabric with a foil-like surface that gives it a shiny and iridescent appearance. It is a great fabric if you are going for a metallic look. It does not have the elasticity of the micro mesh and the surface treatment can fade with time, especially if used frequently.
  • Micro-Mesh – A lightweight, solid color mesh fabric with small-sized holes.
  • Pop Mesh – A textured mesh fabric with 1/4 inch wide holes. It has a raised texture and resembles a fishnet look.
  • Tula Mesh – A micro mesh fabric with hologram sequins that adds a sparkling look and finish.

Keep in mind that textured mesh and sequin fabrics are not recommended for pairing when creating a dance costume. The sequins can tear the mesh fabric, which can result in holes in the outfit. Make sure to avoid combining the two fabrics.

3. Lace – This fabric is one of the most popular novelty fabrics. It is a great combination of sheer, feminism, and elegance. Not all lace is created the same, so when choosing lace fabric, you have to check to see if it is made from high-quality materials. It should be stretchable and durable enough for the dance costume that you will be creating. Great lace fabric will move freely as the dancer moves and lace fabric made from cheap materials will easily tear. It is a great fabric that can add a feminine touch to any clothing.

What are the most common types of lace?

  • Regular Stretch Lace – A type of lace fabric available in scalloped and floral patterns.
  • Charlize Lace or Sequin – A lace fabric with sequins stitched into the pattern. This gives this timeless fabric an expensive and glamorous appearance.

Keep in mind that high-quality lace is delicate, so make sure to consider this trait when you create a dance costume. You must avoid using lace and sequins together as they can easily tear the fabric or they can rip when positioned in high contact areas, like the shoulders and knees. When using lace fabric, you must line it with another type of fabric since it is a sheer type of fabric, which can increase your production costs.

4. Sequin – This fabric can be a great option if you want to make your dance costume stand out. It has a lot of sparkles and will make your outfit pop. It is expensive and does not have the elastic quality that fabrics like the tricot have. It can feel a bit snug, so make sure to consider the necessary adjustments when creating a costume with different sizes.

What are the most common types of sequins?

  • Showstopper – This type of sequin fabric has rows of sequins attached with an adhesive which gives it a polka-dot effect. When sequins are glued, the fabric has better stretchable quality. It can add a sparkly wet look to your costume.
  • Zsa Zsa – This type of sequin fabric has metallic sequins that are stitched into the fabric in a squiggle design. The squiggle pattern gives the fabric more stretch than when the sequins are sewn in a straight line.
  • Zsa Spa – This type of sequin fabric is the same as the Zsa Zsa but uses the hologram sequins.

Keep in mind that dance costumes created with sequin fabric can be itchy. So when creating a costume, keep in mind that areas that will meet the skin will require the addition of a lining or fabric trim which can add to your production costs. So when creating a sequin dance costume, make sure to consider that when preparing your budget. Sequins can fade with time, especially when constantly exposed to dry cleaning and other chemicals like hairspray. Sequins may flake off with frequent use, but may not be very noticeable from a distance.

5. Velvet – This fabric has a wooly, dense surface that gives a luxurious appearance when used as a dance costume. It is one of the most popular types of fabrics used in making dance costumes nowadays. When used in a costume, it can give you rich and deep jewel tones that are not reflected in other fabrics. It is a great choice if you want to add depth and richness to the dance costume that you are creating.

Keep in mind that the appearance of velvet fabric can change depending on your direction. This is due to the direction of the pile of fuzzy fibers. In one direction, velvet can have a reflective gleam, while on the other side, it can have a deep and rich look. Velvet is capable of absorbing light which results in giving an appearance of a slender body.

6. Holographic – This fabric has a foil-like surface administered to a tricot fabric. It is great for dance costumes that need shimmery highlights. A holographic type of fabric is a novelty fabric commonly used as an accent for your dance costume to make it stand out. It can be used as a waistband, cuff, collar, or trim.

What are the different styles of holographic fabric?

  • Activator – This style consists of microdots of holographic that can be used for a dimensional sheen.
  • Myst – This style consists of microdots of foil, which makes a “wet” appearance. Black Myst is great if you are going for a leather-like appearance.
  • Shattered Glass – This style consists of small dots of holographic which give it a shattered glass appearance.
  • Sparkle – This style consists of small dots of holographic that create a glittery appearance up close and a wet look when gazed at from afar.

Keep in mind that using holographic fabric over time will cause it to wear off and become dull, especially in high-impact areas such as under the arms and knees.

When choosing fabrics for a dance costume, you should make sure to consider using a garment that gives you the freedom to move. You must choose a form-fitting fabric that looks edgy and elegant and allows you to move freely. If you need help choosing the right garment for your dance costume, make sure to consult and trust a shop like Spandex Warehouse. You can fill up this contact form here. If you want to order from us, please fill up this form here.

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