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Nylon Spandex / Football Tricot VLA730-2200

Width 62″
Content 87% Nylon / 13% Spandex
Weight 480 gr/yd


Color card $5-Reimbursable with production order 1 roll and up

Sample price per yd 16.95 1-3 max for samples.

1 roll $14.95/yd
2-3 rolls $13.95/yd
4 rolls and up $13.50/yd

Roll sizes approximately 50 yards

Also called Jumbo, 4 way stretch, and strong, at 10.5 OZ – 480 gram/yard
Roll sizes approximately 50 yards

We offer 20 colors in stock.
It’s very strong, other uses of this athletic fabric / sport team fabric are:

Football pants and anywhere strength and durability is needed.
We offer special prices on orders over 1000 yards of combined colors.
It’s one of the heaviest Nylon Spandex fabrics.



Choose Fabric Style

If you are ordering fabric samples, write down the name of all the fabric styles you want. (Up to 3 different styles)


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