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Pleather/Faux Leather- VLA902-CF/807

Soft PVC Leather- Slight texture, Semi matt surface.
Color card : $5- reimbursed with production/roll order, plus postage.

Sample price per yd $8.95. 1-3 yds max for samples.

1 roll = $6.50/yd
2 rolls = $6.00/yd (may combine colors)
3-9 rolls = $5.00/yd
10 rolls and up = $4.50
Minimum order amount = 1 roll ~ 40 yards



Do you need sample fabric?

To order sample fabric please fill out this form https://spandexwarehouse.com/purchase_order/ For most fabric you may order up to 3 yards per color and 3 colors per product. For items in the VLA730 group sample yards are a minimum of 5 yards per order. Once you fill out the form one of our representatives will get in touch with you to finalize the order. Thank You!