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Spacer Fabric​ / ​ Bra Fabric​ /​ 3D SPACER FABRIC

Style # NT1540​

Content: ​45/45/10 – ​Poly/​Nylon​/spandex​
Thickness: ​3​mm
​Weight 400 gsm​

​Width: 62​​”
Roll length: ~40 yards
Colors and available yardage:
Neon orange: 71 yards
Black: 342 yards
White: 510 yards

Black/White reversible: 500 yards
Heather Grey/Ivory Reversible:​ 532 yards​

Sample price per yd $8.95. 1-3 yds max for samples.

Minimum order 5 yards
5-40 yards = $6-/yard
41-80 yards= $4-/yard
81-120 yards= $3.50-/yard
121- 500 yards=$2.99-

Buy all/ Clean out price: $2.75-/yard

More about this fabric:​
Double layer, Closest to neoprene,​ High breathability, Soft, Comfortable and Durable, Perfect support​,​ Washable, Fast​ drying​



Do you need sample fabric?

To order sample fabric please fill out this form https://spandexwarehouse.com/purchase_order/ For most fabric you may order up to 3 yards per color and 3 colors per product. For items in the VLA730 group sample yards are a minimum of 5 yards per order. Once you fill out the form one of our representatives will get in touch with you to finalize the order. Thank You!