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Style:Dazzle VLA2401

Width 58 – 60″

Content 100% Polyester

Weight 190 Grams PSY

Color card $5 – Reimbursed with 1 roll and up production order.

Sample price per yd $4.95. 1-3 yds max for samples.

Minimum 5 yds – 20 yards $7/yd
COLORS – 1 roll – 5 rolls $2.60/yd
COLORS – 6 rolls and up $2.40/yd

Minimum order amount: 1 Rolls/Color (Approx. ~150 yards)

Dazzle is a type of polyester fabric that is widely used in making clothes like basketball uniforms, football uniforms, rugby ball uniforms and even casual clothing because it absorbs moisture quickly. It is a lightweight fabric that allows air to circulate easily around the body.

Also available in 300 GSM for $1-/yard extra



Choose Fabric Style

If you are ordering fabric samples, write down the name of all the fabric styles you want. (Up to 3 different styles)


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