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Style:VLA 1101 Double Sided Fleece / Polar Fleece

Style# VLA2613-polar

Content 85% Poly-15% Cotton
Weight: Available in 365 grams/linear yard,
Roll length = 65 yards

A matching rib is also available for Fleece.

Color cards: $5-each, Reimbursable with roll purchase. (Plus postage).

Sample price per yd $7.95. 1-3 yds max for samples.

1 roll -$5/yd
2 – 5 Rolls -$4.50/yd
6 rolls and up :$4/Yd

(*Minimum production order amount: 1 roll. ~70 yards)

Anti-Pill fleece is made in a way that is designed to stop little balls (or pills) of thread on the surface of the fabric appearing. This will give the fleece a smoother and more comfortable feel.

Pills appear due to threads being pulled to the surface of the fabric due to abrasion, this is most common to happen when washing a drying the fleece.



Choose Fabric Style

If you are ordering fabric samples, write down the name of all the fabric styles you want. (Up to 3 different styles)


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