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Style:Icicle/Ice Tropical /Semi Shiny Finish VLA1614

Width 58-60
Content 95/5 Poly Spandex
Weight 260 Grams

Color card :$5 – (Reimbursable with roll purchase ), Plus postage.

Sample price per yd $10.95. 1-3 yds max for samples.

1 yard to 2 yards $8.25/yd
1 roll – $6.25/yd
2 roll – 5 rolls – $5.65/yd
6 rolls and up to $ 5.25/yd

*Minimum production order amount: 1 Roll (Approx. 65-70 yards)

This poly-spandex fabric is called Ice tropical, has a semi-shiny finish which has a hand that is silky smooth, drapes so well, makes a great blouse or dress. *Good for sublimation printing (*Note: It is the buyer’s responsibility to test and sample the goods received before
cutting or purchasing to meet specific requirements and application)

*Shipping charges are added separately once an order has been prepared



Choose Fabric Style

If you are ordering fabric samples, write down the name of all the fabric styles you want. (Up to 3 different styles)


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