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Style:King Mesh/Fish Net VLA2401

King Mesh/Fish Knit Fabric – VLA2401
Hole size: LARGE
Content: 100% Polyester

Sample price per yd $5.95. 1-3 yds max for samples.

Minimum 5 yards to 20 yards $7/yd
1 roll ~ 150 yards -$3.50/yd
2 rolls and up – $3/yd

Stock Program
Minimum production order amount: 1 roll ~150 yards
Color Cards :$5- reimbursable with roll purchase .(Plus Postage) .

This Athletic Fabric / Sport Team Fabric is used in making of variety of team uniforms & Jersey uniforms .it’s easy to care for and very durable

Available in variety of colors it’s a 100% polyester fabric &wrinkle resistant at a very low price, comes in lots of sport team fabric colors.

Used for: Basketball, football, volleyball, hockey uniforms ETC …

Other uses: Pockets and trimming, laundry bags EC….



Choose Fabric Style

If you are ordering fabric samples, write down the name of all the fabric styles you want. (Up to 3 different styles)


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