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Used to upholster indoor/outdoor furniture, awnings, shades, waterproof Bags, beach use, ETC…

Sample price per yd $11.95. 1-3 yds max for samples.

5-10 yards $14.95
11-20 yards $12.95
21-40 yards $11.95
41-60 yards $10.95
1 roll $9.95/yard
2-5 rolls $8.75/yard
6 rolls and up to $8.25/yard

Order this Color card for $5.00-
+shipping & handling
Length of rolls: 50 yards/roll
Width 60″/150 CM
Weight: 320 GSM
Light Fastness: 7-8

Our outdoor fabrics are made from solution-dyed acrylic. Each fabric is transformed from a combination of precisely determined dye color and a liquid acrylic solution, which is made into a fiber. These fibers are then spun into yarn and eventually woven into a fabric that offers beauty and durability. We are inspired to give your outdoor fabrics the feel of indoor comfort, by being strong enough to withstand harsh outdoor weather.



Do you need sample fabric?

To order sample fabric please fill out this form https://spandexwarehouse.com/purchase_order/ For most fabric you may order up to 3 yards per color and 3 colors per product. For items in the VLA730 group sample yards are a minimum of 5 yards per order. Once you fill out the form one of our representatives will get in touch with you to finalize the order. Thank You!