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Ordering wholesale fabrics online can be hard especially if you do not know where to get them. Are you planning to order wholesale fabrics from an online store? You must check out Spandex Warehouse. In this blog post, we will be sharing some tips to help you avoid any mistakes you can potentially make when purchasing wholesale fabrics online.

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Know the Fabric 

If you’re new to sewing, it’s important to familiarize yourself with different fabrics and their properties. Research the qualities of various fabrics and how they feel, as well as their recommended uses. For example, canvas is a heavy, sturdy fabric made from cotton or linen yarn.

It can be blended with synthetic fibers to create a water-resistant or waterproof fabric, which makes it a great choice for outdoor clothing. When you come across unfamiliar fabric names, be sure to do your research so you can make informed decisions when purchasing materials.

Purchase a Sample 

When buying wholesale fabrics, you can ask the online store if they can offer a sample of the fabric that you want to order. For example, for a few dollars, you can request a small piece of fabric you are searching for.

This will provide you the chance of checking the texture, the feel of the fabric, and its color. You will be able to confirm if it is the right fabric that you will need for your project. If you need to purchase an expensive fabric, it will be a smart decision if you will purchase a sample fabric first. 

Read the Fabric Information 

Before purchasing wholesale fabric online, you have to be sure if it is the right fabric that you are looking for. You have to read its details because it can be quite a hassle if you purchase fabric in bulk but end up buying something that you don’t need or want. A reliable online fabric store will provide a description of each fabric they sell.

They can also provide information on what type of garment each fabric is suitable for. If you are not sure about a specific fabric that you will be purchasing, you must first inquire about its weight, shrinkage, and wash instructions through their customer service representative. You must be sure about everything before you purchase the fabrics in bulk. 

Request for Assistance 

Many online fabric stores have customer service representatives or staff who can assist you with your fabric questions or needs. You can contact them via phone or email to ask for recommendations or advice.

For example, if you’re planning to create designer clothes and need a specific type of fabric, you can ask for recommendations for 2-3 fabrics to purchase samples of and test for your project. Often, these stores can provide great fabric options that aren’t listed on their website.

Check the Fabric Width 

When buying fabrics in bulk from online stores, you have to check your pattern to see how much fabric you will need for your project. You must also check the fabric width to make sure you are purchasing the right amount.

If you are purchasing wholesale fabrics it won’t be easy buying again and again because it might be expensive on your part, especially if you have to pay the shipping fee a lot of times. Verify the entire important details first then make an order after finalizing everything. 

Verify the Website Cut Increments 

If you have been purchasing from different fabric stores, you can see that most of the time they charge and cut in different increments. Some may use yards while others use meters. Other stores may add orders by meter, by half a meter, or even in 10-cm increments.

Make sure to check every detail so you can purchase the right amount of fabric. This can be a bit confusing, so always double-check the details before you click the checkout button and complete your order. 

Confirm Shipping Rates 

If you are planning to purchase wholesale fabrics from an online store. You must check their shipping rates because they may vary from one store to another. Some stores have fixed shipping rates, while others offer free delivery depending on the order quantity, and some offer international shipping.

You must make sure to read their site terms before you decide to order a lot of fabrics. Some online shops offer affordable shipping rates while others do not. 

Check the Scale of Patterns 

If you will be purchasing printed fabrics you must check the scale of the patterns. You can avoid making a mistake by buying fabrics that have huge prints. You must first inquire about the fabrics before making a purchase.

Most online stores provide an image of the fabric with a ruler, a hand, or something that you can use to check the scale of the patterns. You must ask the store for more information before making an order. 

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