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Swimwear fabrics are always in demand as we eagerly anticipate summer, with plans for poolside lounging or beach adventures. If you’re in search of a reliable online supplier for wholesale swimwear fabrics, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Spandex Warehouse, we’ll be sharing tips on shopping for swimwear fabrics. For more information, please continue reading below.

Check the Stretch Percentage of the Fabric

Before making a purchase for your swimwear project, reach out to customer service for information. You can email or call them with your inquiries. The friendly customer service agents will promptly respond.

Use Specific Keywords

Look for fabrics using keywords such as swimwear, swimsuit, swim tricot, stretch tricot, nylon spandex, or stretch spandex. You can also explore fabrics labeled as sport lycra, activewear, dancewear, spring suits, athletic knits, or performance.

Online stores often use different terms to describe their fabrics, so using these keywords can help narrow down your search. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, reach out through the contact page or form. Let them know you’re specifically searching for swimwear fabrics, and they’ll provide links to their available options.

Order Swatches or Samples

If you’re uncertain about which swimwear fabric to choose, consider requesting swatches from the supplier. Even if not explicitly listed on their website, most suppliers will send you samples. This enables you to personally assess the fabric, test its stretch properties, and determine its suitability for your swimwear project. Once you’ve identified the ideal fabric, proceed to order it wholesale for cost-effectiveness.

What to Look for When Choosing Swimwear Fabric


Swimwear fabrics should have at least 50% stretch both horizontally and vertically. Look for fabrics with nylon and polyester knits containing a high spandex percentage. Consider chlorine-resistant fabrics for swimming pool use, and some may have a UPF rating for sun protection.


The lining in swimwear is crucial for comfort and coverage. While optional, it is recommended for an enhanced swimming experience. When in water, comfort and coverage become vital considerations.

Explore stretch nylon or polyester fabrics labeled as swimsuit lining or swimwear. For additional support, consider using a lightweight power net or firm power mesh.

When selecting swimwear lining, prioritize its quality. Opting for a cheaper lining fabric can lead to wear, runs, or tears, potentially causing embarrassment, especially in public places.


If you prefer elastic fabrics, opt for chlorine-resistant rubber elastic. This type of fabric is more durable and less bulky than its cotton counterparts. Avoid fabrics like polyester elastic, as they are prone to deterioration when regularly exposed to chlorine and saltwater.


When sewing swimwear fabrics, use a stretch needle for the sewing machine. While some may use ballpoint needles, we recommend stretch needles for fabrics with a high spandex percentage.


When selecting swimwear fabrics, choose ones that conform to the body. This prevents the swimwear from becoming baggy and protects against unwanted exposure while swimming.

Opt for a fabric with strong recovery so it snaps back to its original shape and provides resistance. When searching online, check if the fabric has recovery, firm stretch, and compression. Power mesh can be used for added control when lining swimwear.

Swimwear can be used for swimming races or simply for aesthetic enjoyment while lounging by the pool or at the beach. You can decide on the level of control the fabric offers based on its fiber content and texture, ensuring it has the right balance of stretch for comfort and recovery.

Fiber Content

When selecting fabrics for your swimwear project, focus on using synthetic fabrics. Avoid cotton since it absorbs water, making the swimwear saggy and heavy. Opt for Lycra (spandex fabric) or nylon with 10-20% spandex content. You can also explore polyester blends containing spandex.


Tricot isn’t a fabric type but a term describing how the knit is constructed, not its fiber content. Look for tricot made from nylon or polyester with spandex content.

Stretch Properties

Swimwear is designed to stretch, fitting and moving with the body. It should neither be too tight nor too loose. Swimwear fabrics come in two-way or four-way stretch. Two-way stretch fabrics stretch from selvage to selvage, while four-way stretch extends along the length of the grain.

For one-piece swimwear, choose a four-way stretch fabric; for two-piece swimwear, a two-way stretch fabric is recommended. Ensure that the lining fabrics match the direction of the stretch of the main fabric.

Power Mesh

In crafting swimwear, consider using power mesh for added support. Typically made from a nylon and spandex blend with four-way stretch, power mesh offers excellent recovery properties.

Widely used in activewear for support and flexibility, it’s a fantastic addition to both one-piece and two-piece swimsuits. Keep in mind that power mesh has less stretch compared to regular swimwear fabrics, so choose your size accordingly.

Lightweight Swimwear Fabric

When searching for swimwear lining, consider using the main fabric if it’s not too thick. Lightweight swimwear fabric can serve as an effective lining. Always inquire whether the swimwear fabric is suitable for lining.

Before making a purchase, assess how the swimwear fabric reacts to water. Does its stretch integrity hold up? Does it provide sufficient support? If you’re uncertain about the type of swimwear fabric to choose, Spandex Warehouse is a reliable source for all your swimwear fabric needs.

Wholesale Purchase of Swimwear Fabrics

For wholesale swimwear fabrics, Spandex Warehouse is worth exploring. Based in Los Angeles, California, we are wholesale suppliers of various fabrics with over 25 years of industry experience.

Whether you have questions or need assistance with your project, feel free to reach out. To order any fabric, call us at 213.629.7416, send a fax at 213.629.7433, or email us at [email protected]. Contact Spandex Warehouse today for all your swimwear fabric needs!