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When summer comes, one of the most common activities is going to the beach or lounging by the poolside. Are you searching for the best swimwear materials? You came to the right place. Here at Spandex Warehouse, we will be sharing tips to consider when choosing swimwear. Make sure to continue reading below to find out more information. 

When searching for swimwear materials, you must consider the following list to ensure comfort and coverage. Here are some of the qualities of the fabrics that will make them appropriate for swimwear use. 


When choosing swimwear fabrics wholesale, you must select one with anti-pilling properties so it will be sturdy and last longer. Keep in mind, if you will go for nylon, it is prone to chlorine damage, and it will pill the longer you use it in the pool. Polyester is resistant to corrosion, so you must consider fabrics made from polyester materials for your swimwear. 


When searching for swimwear fabrics, you must check their colorfast properties. Nylon has poor color retention properties, so it is not advisable to print on it. It will easily bleed into the water, and it will fade faster than swimwear made from polyester fabrics. 


The comfort of the swimwear fabric must be considered when searching for swimwear fabrics as it can affect your swimming experience and enjoyment if the fabric makes you uncomfortable. You will not be able to move and swim freely. The material must not be stiff, so it can easily accommodate your movement. It should be gentle to prevent chaffing and rubbing on your skin. You must choose soft fabrics for your swimwear. 


When choosing swimwear fabrics you must check for their composition. Is it made from spandex, elastane, or lycra? Is the fabric made from stretchable synthetic fibers? 

Swimwear materials are commonly made by combining two or more fibers. Polyester or nylon will be combined with stretchy materials like elastane. It will make the swimwear durable, strong, quick-drying, and water-resistant. Fabrics made from polyester and elastane are both chlorine and UV-resistant. 

For example, if the fabric is made of 80% Polyester and 20% Spandex, it will be more elastic than the fabric that is made of 85% Polyester and 15% Spandex. Before making a decision, you must ask the supplier to make sure that you are getting the correct fabric composition to use for your swimwear. 


The cost of swimwear materials varies from one another. The material you choose will usually depend on your budget. Polyester-based fabrics are the least expensive, while nylon-blend fabrics are generally more expensive. You can search for the best swimwear fabric that fits your budget. You must go for a durable swimwear fabric although it will be more expensive. You will be getting your money’s worth even after using it several times. 


The fabric for swimwear must be durable and long-lasting. It is exposed to abrasive substances and UV radiation which makes them prone to damage. The swimwear fabric must be resistant to chlorine, sunlight, and other abrasive substances like sea salt and sunblock lotion. 

Ease of care 

When the swimwear is exposed to chlorine you must wash it. Synthetic fabrics are easy to clean. You can wash it with lukewarm water.


Swimwear is designed to fit snugly. This will help prevent them from falling off while swimming. The elasticity of the fabric will allow it to stretch and flatter the figure. You can choose a fabric that is 60-70% flexible in either direction, so it will fit you perfectly. 

Look and Feel 

Swimwear fabrics must feel and look good when you wear them. It will make you look great and improve your confidence. It must have a lovely pattern or print, be soft, and be flexible enough so it will flatter your figure. Swimwear must not feel uncomfortable when you wear them. It should look great while it is on display. This will allow you to flaunt your assets so make sure to choose one that fits you perfectly.


Swimwear fabrics must have quick-drying properties so they will dry quickly. Most synthetic fabrics are water-resistant which makes them the perfect choice for swimwear. If the swimwear dries quickly, it will be easy to clean and use for your next pool or beach visit. 


Swimwear fabrics are usually made from synthetic materials, making them resilient, tough, and flexible. However, synthetic fibers are not eco-friendly options. You can inquire from the supplier if they can provide eco-friendly swimwear fabrics that are made from recycled materials. 


Swimwear fabrics usually weigh around 180-200 grams per square meter. Anything heavier will not be advisable, especially for everyday use. Lighter fabrics are usually recommended for swimwear use. 

What are the different variants of swimwear fabrics?


Knitted fabrics can be used to create ribbed textures. Swimwear made from ribbed materials is usually made of nylon. It has a compact size and tight stretch, which gives it a sporty appearance while other blends will have a traditional look. 


Neoprene has become a popular trend in the swimwear industry a few years ago. Many companies use different textured and modern fabrics for their swimwear. 


Velvet fabric is soft. It can be blended with fabrics like nylon or polyester. It is gentle on your skin because of its pile characteristics and velvet feel. 

Other Blends 

Cotton, corduroy, and Mesh fabric blends can be also used for swimwear. However, you must be careful using fabrics with cotton blends because exposure to UV rays, sea salt, and chlorine can damage them easily. 

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